AboutOur Hospice Team

In addition to our care staff (Registered Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Medical Social Workers, a Pastoral Care Worker/Chaplain, and a Medical Director), our hospice agency is led by experienced and trusted professionals:

  • Ken Bernsen | CEO/ President
  • Kara Bernsen | Chief of Network Services
  • Lisa Brown | Chief Operating Officer – Home Care, Hospice & Senior Living
  • Stephanie Rich, RN | Vice President of Clinical Operations, Home Care & Hospice
  • Billi St. Clair, RN | Director of Regulatory Compliance, Home Care & Hospice
  • Chris Galoski, RN | Clinical Informatics Educator, Home Care & Hospice
  • Marie Hughes | Administrator
  • Kim Padgitt, RN | Director of Nursing
  • Priya Reddy, Community Liaison

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